Enterprise Gifting Solutions


Enterprise Gifting Solutions

Over the years, MAX Office Solutions has established corporate gifting trends. We meticulously plan ahead and select the best assortment of corporate gifts from you for your business, internal teams, vendors, and extended business connections. Corporate Office Solutions is committed to ensuring that its customers and patrons receive the best corporate gifts at the right time and for the right price during festivals. From concept to implementation, Corporate Office Solutions designs individual enterprise gifting strategies, and we get started early. We come up with ideas for gifts based on your occasion, theme, and recipients’ profiles.

For enormous ventures and super organizations, or the little growing new businesses – we give specially marked gift things that we can obtain in mass. For instance, we acquire electrical and electronic things like creative kitchenware, devices, etc from famous brands like Phillips, Distinction, Borosil, Tupperware, Bajaj, Wonderchef, LG, Samsung, JBL, Boat, Portronics, Zebronics, MI, and every main one. We develop a long-term plan to ensure that each employee and associate receives a one-of-a-kind present. Their collection of useful gadgets, high-quality kitchenware, and exclusive festival collections, such as diyas and exquisite lanterns, grows with each gift.

We can decorate your mottos, image logo, organization slogans, and wishes on the gift things. In light of the growing “work from home” culture, Corporate Office Solutions offers a home delivery option to ensure that the gifts arrive at your employees’ desks on time. Are there celebrations that don’t include delectable confections and sweets? We offer a wide range of sweets, dry fruits, exotic candies, and other delicacies in extravagant, classy, and elegant packaging.

We have a selection of healthy nuts and seeds for people who are on a diet, as well as a special flavor of chocolates. Our experts get the best supplies from all over the country to create a thoughtful gift basket for loved ones. For all of your seasonal and gifting requirements, choose Corporate Office Solutions. We have the industry expertise, a team that is enthusiastic and creative, and the finesse to get you the best gifts that your customers will treasure for a long time.


✒ Hand blender
✒ Kettle
✒ Sandwich Maker
✒ Rechargeable LED Lamp
✒ Electric Kettle
✒ Fitness Devices
✒ Laptop Stand
✒ USB Hub
✒ Power bank
✒ LCD Writing Pad
✒ Wireless Headphone
✒ Portable Bluetooth Speaker


✒ Premium chocolates boxes in different flavours, sizes, shapes, and packaging.
✒ Premium power seeds boxes, mixed variety of seeds including flaxseeds and chia seeds.
✒ Premium power nuts boxes, mixed variety of dry fruits including pistachios and almonds.
✒ Premium cookies boxes, a mix of most preferred varieties.